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  • Cabañas Bahia do Joao

    City: La Falda, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03548-15636142

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  • Costa Serrana

Costa Serrana

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place to live your vacation. . . Apart-Hotel 3 stars in Mina Clavero. Spacious parquizado osa arboleda year at 200 meters from the center residential area on the pool rao leaving the beach. Spacious suites are fully equipped.

    City: Mina Clavero, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03544 471 802

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  • La Constancia

La Constancia

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La Constancia and its 1.200 hectares of open grounds are beautifully framed by the hills and woodlands of an important mountainous region which stretches to the edge of Sierras de Comechingones. The hotel and its facilities, including the oratory, had been abandoned for almost forty years, during which they received no maintenance whatsoever. The place was later renovated to provide lodging services to the visitors and most of its original features were brought back to life. The most ancient part of the house dates back to 1895. At the time, the house comprised only one room with walls made up of mud and had a thatched roof. After the renovations the place was converted into the guests’ dinning room. Our house counts with nine exclusive rooms with private bathroom, four beautiful living rooms, three charming dinning rooms, a terrace to have lunch during warm days and galleries all around the house. The swimming pool, with natural water from the San Javier stream, is made up of stones of the place. The garden is divided by the house. One part of the garden has a great view of the valley and the wonderful sunsets. The other part of the garden has a majestic view of the mountains. This magnificent setting is generously surrounded by woodlands of both indigenous and European species, amongst which it is possible to find the “tilo” (lime tree), the “álamo” (poplar), the “castaño” (chestnut tree), the “nogal” (walnut tree) and the “avellano” (hazel nut tree). Several springs in the Champaquí hill form the source of a long stream called San Javier, which practically flows across the whole extension of the hotel grounds. The stream has natural pools and water falls of different heights along its course, especially towards the end of La Quebrada del Tigre, where there is a water fall of considerable height.

    City: San Javier, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 011-4-372-7160

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  • El Montañes

    City: Mina Clavero, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03544 15609223

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  • Hotel Tehuel

Hotel Tehuel

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Warmth and comfort in the Sierras de Ca ³ rdoba

    City: Valle Hermoso, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) (03548) 470 - 124

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  • Chalet Sol y Rio

Chalet Sol y Rio

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Rent villa good in G and A Rio Carcano Av meters and 3 blocks from the Rio San Antonio.

    City: Carlos Paz, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 0351 155085621

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  • agustina


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Spectacular private home in neighborhood 3 bedrooms hidromasaje3 bathroom in cantry sunny with huge swimming pool and garage for 3 cars quincho

    City: Carlos Paz, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 0354115590657

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